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Annual Color

There is nothing that makes a landscape stand out more than a lot of color. Although there are numerous shrubs and trees that bloom for a short period during the season, there is nothing that makes a more dramatic, season long impact, than annual flowers. They are planted the first of May and last until the first hard frost occurs. There are all types and colors that can be used depending mainly on your personal preference of type and color. We would be glad to meet with you to provide you with some options.

The key to growing healthy and colorful annuals starts with bed preparation. We till the beds, amend the soil as necessary, and add fertilizer prior to planting. A few other options for adding color to your landscape are things such as hanging floral baskets, planter boxes, or a decorative urn. We not only will be glad to plant these for you, but maintain them as well.

Our greenhouse manager has been growing flowers for years and is very familiar with all types of perennials and annuals. We would be glad to consult with you and come up with some options you might be interested in.

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